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Staying Safe During COVID-19

Dear TMS Friends and Family,  As a wellness company, we are trained in protecting ourselves and others from infectious diseases by following strict sanitary protocols. Although the mask mandate has been lifted, The Massage Studio will continue to follow our rigorous protocols and operate in accordance with the CDC Guidelines for limiting the spread of […]

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Is it Safe to Get a Massage in Early Pregnancy?

Massage during pregnancy is a safe treatment in general. Still, there are some precautions to keep in mind before receiving a prenatal massage. Find out when you shouldn’t get a massage during pregnancy.

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Are Portable Back Massagers Worth the Cost?

Before investing in a portable back massager, you should know whether it is worth the price and whether it will do what it says it will. Find out if portable back massagers and massage guns are worth using.

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Massage Advantage: Combat Your Stress

Monthly massage therapy treatment is one of the best and most enjoyable ways to combat your daily stress. Massage therapy is proven to both lower cortisol, a hormone your body produces in response to stress, and increase serotonin (often referred to as the happy molecule) which helps the body fight pain and feelings of sadness.

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What is Cupping Therapy?

Cupping is a unique form of traditional Chinese medicine during which heated cups are placed on the skin to create suction. During a therapy session, cups are generally placed on an individual’s back and can either be left in place for five to fifteen minutes or moved around using oil or lotion. The latter, commonly known as “massage cupping,” is the practice available through the incredible therapists at the Massage Studio.

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Massage Therapy Injury Prevention

If you are one of the lucky ones living in Austin, Texas—annually voted number one on “Best U.S. Cities to Live”—then you know full well the array of opportunities for self-care. Of them, massage therapy has some of the most benefits. Massage is good for you in many ways, it increases circulation, lowers blood pressure, relieves stress, decreases anxiety, helps to abate depression. Depression and pain, for example, are closely linked and its often hard to tell which came first. Massage, along with other co-occurring treatments, is crucial to recovery.

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How Often Should You Get A Massage?

We’re asked this question every single day at The Massage Studio. As long as you come in every four to six weeks, then the benefits from prior sessions will not be lost. However, soothing muscles takes as much time as toning muscles. You know it’s better to hit the gym every once in a while than not at all, but the real results come from working out more often. The same goes for massage—any previous progress accumulated in your bodywork sessions must be built upon to achieve maximum results.

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What to Expect From Your First Massage

Congratulations! After years of hearing about your family and friends getting massages, you’re taking an amazing step towards your wellbeing! You might not yet understand why someone would take the time out of their day to get a massage, but you will. If you’re in South Austin, make your first massage appointment at The Massage Studio—we’ll explain everything.

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