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Our ultimate goal is to improve muscle tissue and joint health through massage therapy— focusing on the deepest layers of tissue, tendons, and fascia.
Krystal Norsworthy, Founder

Our Massages

Here at The Massage Studio, we strive to provide the best premium massages in Buda and South Austin. Our mission is to provide clients with a relaxing space to relieve pain and stress through massage and sauna wellness treatments. We offer affordable care to allow our clients to live a healthier life and simply, feel better from the inside out. Elevate your session by selecting from our offerings of high quality premium add-ons and truly free upgrades. We promise that your time with The Massage Studio will be one of the best choices you've made for your physical and mental health!

Massage Upgrades & Add-ons

Customize your massage with free upgrades and premium add-ons when you book with The Massage Studio in Buda today. These are a great way to make sure you get the best therapeutic massage in South Austin that's suited to your own preferences.

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Premium Add-on

zen organic massage cream

Organic Massage Cream

Improve circulation throughout your body and calm your senses with our organic massage creams. Rejuvenate with essential vitamins and natural ingredients for ultimate stress and pain relief.

hot towel

Hot Herbal Steam Towel Treatment

Boost circulation in your muscles and keep your skin soft to improve recovery for your body with our hot herbal steam towel treatment. The herbal aroma will provide you not only physical benefits but also assists in mental relaxation!

kneipp pain relieving gel

Pain Relieving Gel

Lighten the effects of strenuous activity on your body with our pain relieving gel. We use gel made from natural anti-inflammatory ingredients including arnica extract to ensure a boost in muscle recovery.

neck wrap

Herbal Neck Wrap

Relieve neck muscle tension and mental stress with our herbal neck wrap. With the use of therapeutic oils, your neck pain and stress can be relieved, providing you with a relaxing experience.

sacred earth arometherapy


Reduce anxiety and stress and boost positive energy with aromatherapy during your experience with The Massage Studio.

cupping device


We also provide cupping therapy in Buda, TX. As a form of deep tissue massage, cupping can help reduce inflammation, pain, and improve circulation throughout your body.

cheekywell cbd oil

CBD Massage Oil

Enjoy a silky smooth massage oil infused with topical CBD and herbal extractions from local provider, Cheekywell, to heighten your wonderful massage experience!

kneipp instensive cream

Intensive Muscle Cream

Enjoy a fast-acting muscle cream that provides the soothing comfort you need. Made from organic and natural ingredients, this lotion can soothe muscles suffering overuse and stress.

mint leaves

EnchantMint Scalp Massage

Enhance your experience with a scalp massage which includes EnchantMint Massage Oil. Enjoy a sensational experience and improve circulation in your head and neck muscles!

mini hot stones

Hot Stone Massage Treatments

Relieve muscle pain and stiffness along your back and neck or along your feet with hot stone treatments!

kneipp arnica massage oil

Arnica Massage Oil

With arnica massage oil, our massage therapy can further improve your joint flexibility, reduce muscle stiffness, and remove toxins from your body.

sauna add-on

Sauna Add On

Far better than traditional saunas, our sauna features preset session settings to reduce pain, promote anti-aging, weight loss, detoxification, stress relief, and cardiovascular health.

Signature Massage

Our 60-minute signature massage is our most popular service here at The Massage Studio in Buda. Personalize your experience and get the results your body needs. With our signature massage, we guarantee your body will be thanking you for the results our treatment provides.

Our service will treat muscle tension, reduce pain from inflammation, and improve muscle recovery. For the best deep tissue massage in South Austin, The Massage Studio in Buda will get you the results you need!


Signature Massage




Signature Massage




Signature Massage




Signature Massage



Prenatal Massage

For those looking for a soothing and safe prenatal massage in South Austin, The Massage Studio in Buda can help with that. Our Buda massage therapists are trained to ensure expecting clients are comfortable. We use sideline positioning with soft, supportive cushions to alleviate any strain on your lower back and pelvic areas during therapy.

Note: We ask that you are at least thirteen weeks along in your pregnancy to receive this service.


Prenatal Massage




Prenatal Massage




Prenatal Massage



Couples Massage Package

Our therapeutic couples massages in Buda are a great way to unwind and connect with your significant other or friend. Enjoy a 60 or 90-minute side-by-side massage with someone you care about, and allow your stress to evanesce. Our experienced Buda massage therapists use the latest techniques, ensuring both of you are relaxed as possible.

Couples massages are also a great way to introduce someone to the sense of well-being massage treatments produce. Knowing you’re in the room with them can help them loosen up and get the most out of this experience.

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Couples Massage Package




Couples Massage Package



Massage Therapy Benefits

Circulation Icon

Improves Circulation

Brings damaged, stiff, and tense muscles the blood supply they need to promote healing. Deep tissue therapy helps remove lactic acid and toxins from your body and relieve pressure in the process.

Circulation Icon

Aids in Relaxation

Therapeutic massage therapy allows the body to relax and in turn, release pain-killing hormones and endorphins. Therapy helps promote healing, stress relief, and overall health improvement.

Back & Neck Pain Icon

Pain Management: Neck & Back

Massage techniques relieve areas affected by painful, rigid tissue in the body's tendons, muscles, and ligaments. With anti-inflammation relief, your muscles can recover back to their natural state.

Computer Pain Icon

Computer Pain Management

Today, most Americans experienced muscle pain caused primarily by incorrect posture while standing and sitting for long periods of time. Once affected areas are massaged, the body is able to get back into its original pain-free posture.

Insomnia Icon


Restlessness during bedtime is a combination of physical and mental stress and can come with a multitude of side effects including insomnia. Massage therapy helps generate signals that activate positive physiological changes within the body to help your body release serotonin, a neurotransmitter vital for sleep.

Althletic Performance Icon

Enhances Athletic Performance

Evidence shows massage therapy is a form of preventive and holistic medicine. Keeping your muscles conditioned and massaged is one of the best preventative measures for health maintenance.

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