Dear TMS Friends and Family,

Yesterday morning, we made the very difficult decision to temporarily close our doors, due to the evolving COVID-19 situation. We decided that this is the safest option available to keep our team and our clients safe and healthy.

In accordance with the CDC’s guidelines, we will be closed for a full two weeks. We plan to re-open on April 13th, 2020 and to operate with less than ten people in-house (including guests), per the CDC’S guidelines. Strict screening guidelines will be put into place to ensure the health and safety of our team members and guests. As a wellness company, we are trained in protecting ourselves and others from infectious diseases by following strict sanitary protocols. If the effects of COVID-19 further develop in a less than satisfactory way, we will extend our closure until it’s safe to re-open our doors. Your health and wellbeing is our top priority.

Once we re-open, we will continue to follow rigorous health and sanitary protocols. It goes without question that we will all be due for extra relaxation and de-stressing, once it is safe and ethically viable to resume massage services. You may schedule your future visits online by visiting Should you want to reschedule any of your upcoming appointments, please contact us. Even though our doors will remain closed for the next few weeks, we will be reachable through email, so please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are here for you!

Please understand that this decision weighed heavily on us.

We have many team members who rely entirely on The Massage Studio for income. We will be assisting our staff however we can to get through these next few weeks and will be supporting the business through newly formed government programs.

Stay safe and healthy,

The Massage Studio Team