Posted January 27, 2020

Massages have been proven effective for a variety of ailments. In fact, studies have shown promising benefits of massage, including reduced anxiety, headaches, sports injuries, and fibromyalgia. If you are looking for a way to make this treatment a regular part of your life, you may have considered handheld back massagers and massage guns as potential replacements for more expensive regular massages. Before investing in a back massager, however, you should know whether it is worth the price and whether it will do what it says it will.

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Why Portable Back Massagers Aren’t Worth It

Handheld back massagers make many claims as to how they will increase blood flow and decrease pain. However, they typically cannot do exactly what they have promised. First, a portable back massager is typically quite expensive. Many of the most-recommend versions cost well over $400, making them far more expensive than several lengthy, professional massages.

Second, they can be difficult to use. They must be used with caution, especially by people with certain physical concerns, such as wounds, osteoporosis or bleeding disorders. Third, these devices work by thumping the back or making circular movements over the area. Many have loud motors and are heavy to hold. Of course, it can also be difficult for you to reach your own back with a handheld device.

How to Get a Better Back Massage

A better solution for relaxation and physical benefits is a hands-on massage from a professional masseuse. When using a handheld back massager, you must often twist and strain to reach just the right spot. When seeing a masseuse, you can lie still in complete comfort and relaxation.

Weekly massages do much more than a portable back massager could ever hope to accomplish. They will decrease your stress, improve muscle relaxation, decrease lower back pain and improve your nightly sleep. Massages tend to have a cumulative effect. This means that while one massage can offer amazing benefits, weekly massages can provide ever-increasing benefits to your mind and body.

The Bottom Line on Portable Back Massagers

While handheld back massagers may have someplace in your life, they clearly should not be seen as replacements for a regular relationship with a masseuse. A weekly back massage from a professional will better relax you, target your trigger points and prevent muscle strain and pain. Plus, as your masseuse gets to know you better over time, you will experience ever more personalized massages that target your biggest concerns and fully relax you.

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