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Prenatal Massages in Buda, TX

I walked out feeling way more relaxed than I was going in. Thank you for helping me unplug and escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life!
- Brieanna O.
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Here at The Massage Studio, we care about the needs of expectant mothers in Buda, Kyle, and South Austin, so our massage therapists are specially trained to provide comfortable and therapeutic massages for mothers-to-be.

What’s unique about us is that from weeks 14-20 of pregnancy we offer both side-lying and face down options for receiving your massage. For our face down prenatal massages we use specialized prenatal cushions to ensure that mom and baby are well supported and comfortable in the face down position. After about week 20 of pregnancy, or once your Massage Therapist deems it necessary depending on how your baby is carrying, they can provide 20-30 min of face down massage using the specialized prenatal cushion and then complete the remainder of the massage in side-lying position. After about 30 weeks, client must be in side lying position for the entirety of the massage. For our side-lying massage, we use soft pillows to alleviate any strain in the lower back and pelvic areas.

*Please note that the face down (prone) position using the prenatal cushion is at the discretion of each individual practitioner. This is to ensure safety for mom and baby.

Note: We only perform prenatal massages for clients AFTER their first trimester. We advise consulting with your doctor to make sure prenatal massage is right for you.


Prenatal Massage




Prenatal Massage




Prenatal Massage


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What Makes Our Prenatal Massage Different

Our unique, four-piece prenatal cushion allows you to receive your massage while lying on your stomach. The key to a good prenatal massage is to ensure your body is supported properly. At The Massage Studio, our prenatal massage cushions eliminate any twist in your spine or pressure on your belly.

Benefits of Our Prenatal Massage Cushions

  • Improved blood pressure and oxygenation
  • Decompression of spine
  • Elimination of pressure on abdomen and breasts

Benefits of Prenatal Massage Therapy

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Stress Relief from Hormone Regulation

Prenatal massages help to reduce stress and encourage relaxation. The stress hormone cortisol naturally rises during pregnancy. Recent studies have found that massages reduce cortisol while elevating levels of oxytocin and dopamine, both known for improving mood and combating anxiety. Regulating these hormones helps to reduce complications during birth and pregnancy.

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Relief from Sciatic Nerve Pain

The sciatic nerve, which runs from your lumbar spine down to your feet, is a common source of pain for pregnant women. Many women experience sciatic nerve pain during the late stages of pregnancy. As the uterus expands, it rests on muscles of your lower back and pelvic floor, causing inflammation in your lower back muscles. A prenatal massage can reduce inflammation pain by relieving pressure on the sciatic nerve.

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Improved Sleep

During the third trimester of pregnancy, expecting mothers experience a range of uncomfortable symptoms. From impaired circulation to muscle aches, these symptoms can diminish your quality of rest. Prenatal massages help relax your nervous system, and during the process, significantly improve sleep quality. Finally, your nervous system will relax and allow you to have sweet dreams.

What to Expect From Your Prenatal Massage

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Prenatal Massage Safe for the Entire Duration of My Pregnancy?

Our massage therapists are trained to provide a safe and relaxing massage experience for expecting clients. However, we ask that you are at least thirteen weeks along in your pregnancy before scheduling for your massage.

How Often Should I Receive a Prenatal Massage?

Receiving a prenatal massage on a regular basis provides a variety of benefits. These benefits include mitigating side effects of pregnancy such as joint pain and anxiety while improving your sleep quality and overall wellness.

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Treat yourself. A gentle and nourishing prenatal massage helps to regulate your hormones, reduce stress and relieve pain caused by pregnancy. For a lavish therapeutic prenatal massage experience in South Austin, contact The Massage Studio in Buda. Our massage therapists are trained to promote physical and mental wellness during your pregnancy.

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